Global MOOC Conference

co-hosted by Tsinghua University and UNESCO IITE

“Learning Revolution & Higher Education Transformation”

Sub-forum 1 & 2: 9 December 2020
Sub-forum 3 & 4: 10 December 2020
Main conference: 11 December 2020

On behalf of 

Tsinghua University and UNESCO IITE,

we are pleased to invite you to the 2020 Global MOOC Conference this December!

In response to global educational challenges and opportunities presented by the age of internet, virtual interconnectivity, and most recently the global pandemic, the Global MOOC Conference aims to bring together world-leading universities and online education platforms across all geographical regions at this unprecedented time. With the theme “Learning Revolution and Higher Education Transformation”, the Conference aims to:

This year, we are excited to take this important conference directly to our international audience by going virtual (though, we will also be setting up a physical venue at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China)! The 2020 Global MOOC Conference will capture the interactive and collaborative spirit of the MOOC and online education, and will allow our global network to safely and conveniently connect with our livestream from home.


“Learning Revolution and Higher Education Transformation”

We look forward to connecting with you for the Global MOOC Conference! Don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions.


  • “Learning Revolution” for MOOC Platforms
  • “Higher Education Transformation” with Virtual Simulation
  • Global “Higher Education Transformation” for Inclusion and Equity
  • “Learning Revolution” for Better University Education

Global MOOC Conference

“Learning Revolution & Higher Education Transformation”