The history of Russia dates back more than a thousand years. During this time our country has experienced ups and downs, times of stagnation and prosperity, and defeats and great victories. There is no doubt that every educated person should know it. St Petersburg University, one of the oldest universities in Russia, is meticulous about the study and traditions of teaching the history of Russia as well as the training of experts and researchers in this field. The online course ‘History of Russia’ has been implemented since 2018. And it has already been chosen by many students and has gained popularity among the audience.

The remarkable thing is that this topic is also interesting and relevant for many foreigners who do not speak Russian as the history of Russia is multifaceted and fascinating. Now students will have an opportunity to learn about the milestones of Russian society and the state in English. Soon (in the autumn of 2021), a new online course ‘History of Russia’ will start on the international educational platform Coursera.

National History Foundation (Russia)

The History of Russia online course was developed with the support of the National History Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to: widely disseminate Russian history in the Russian Federation and abroad; preserve the legacy and traditions of the peoples of Russia; and support historical education programmes by combining the efforts of society, the state, scholars, teachers, archival and museum workers, literary and art workers, and journalists for the formation of an all-Russian historical culture based on an objective study, coverage and wide dissemination of national history, and the preservation of national memory.

History of Russia — from Ancient Rus to the present

This course is suitable for everyone, including those who have just begun their acquaintance with Russia. Among its authors and lecturers are key professors of St Petersburg University. The course is unique in that it: offers a problematic approach to the scientific understanding of periods and eras in their historical relationship; covers the history of the Russian state from the 9th to the 21st centuries, from Ancient Rus’ to the present; and welcome learners to join the discussion of current issues and topics. Thoroughly selected facts make it possible for students to: get acquainted with landmark events and names; learn about all the changes that have taken place in Russia over the centuries; and study its development as a state.

The training will be provided online. There is no need to read the formalised text of the textbook as one can watch and listen to an exciting story about the history. Weekly classes typically include: thematic video lectures; studying additional sources; and completing assignments and tests on the materials covered with the assessment of the results.

St Petersburg University online courses are quality education available anywhere in the world. The language barrier should not prevent from mastering new knowledge. St Petersburg University is also looking to cooperate with educational institutions. The online course History of Russia can be used as an independent discipline in the learning process or as part of an academic programme for international students. For cooperation, please contact the Centre of E-Learning Development at St Petersburg University at

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