The new online course of Saint Petersburg University (co-founding member of the Global MOOC Alliance) “Emerging Multinationals and Global Strategy” will help to understand the phenomenon of emerging multinational enterprises (EMNEs) and their role on the global market.

Course instructor introducing the course
Andrei Panibratov
D.Sc. in Economics, Professor of the Department of Strategic and International Management

Course program

  1. International Business and Emerging Markets
  2. Theoretical Ground for Internationalization
  3. Dynamic Perspective on Internationalization
  4. Cross-Border Competitive Advantage
  5. What Else Ensures the Success of Emerging MNEs (EMNEs)

Upon completion of the course, you will gain vast and deep knowledge on the internationalization process of EMNEs through studying the most relevant theories and concepts, and analyzing and discussing the most illustrative cases of these firms’ market entry strategies and post-entry operations when developing in other (advanced and emerging) economies.

Also, the course is filled with examples and illustrative cases that students will be analyzing and discussing with the instructor.

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