The effects of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) have changed the world deeply affecting physical and mental health of people.

We have acquired new habits and adopted specific social norms. It is now important for each of us to know about the origins of COVID-19, its effects and the mechanisms for recovering from COVID-19. Rehabilitation After COVID-19 is a new online course in English. It has been launched by Saint Petersburg University (co-founding member of the Global MOOC Alliance) on the international learning platform COURSERA. It will help you gain the much-needed basic knowledge to ensure safe effective and quality rehabilitation.

The duration of the course is five weeks. It is taught in English. This course is unique in that it is intended not only for people working in the healthcare sector, but also for students without special education and training. The course materials are developed on the basis of the latest and most relevant research on COVID-19 in the fields of medicine, psychology and related disciplines. They cover a wide range of information on symptoms, treatment, prevention, recovery from COVID19 and psychological self-help at increased risk of stress, depression and anxiety.

During the course, students will learn how to: implement primary psychological prevention measures; identify and solve clinical problems; and cope with emotional disturbances caused by infection. They will get acquainted with various rehabilitation techniques: methods of cardiovascular and muscular systems recovery; and strategies to combat cognitive decline and reduce stress levels. The practical application is already possible at the stage of learning by using additional materials: a series of exercise videos; questionnaires; worksheets; and tables for reporting symptoms of anxiety and cognitive distortions.

To become a student of the Rehabilitation After COVID-19 course you should register on the COURSERA platform. You can also find additional information on the platform. Furthermore, we remind you that another St Petersburg University online course on the origins of viruses and the impact of viral infection on people is available in English and Russian: ‘SARS-CoV-2 Coronaviruses and Acute Respiratory Viral Infection Pathogens’.


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