This lecture is a part of the Global Open Courses initiative, launched by Tsinghua University). Unlike the Fall 2021 edition where every lecture of the eight courses will be made available, the Spring 2022 edition will only be making 1-2 lectures openly available to the public (this is mainly because of the misaligned academic calendars across universities globally).

This lecture is also a part of the GHC Certificate: Environmental Governance.

This lecture is a part of the course, “Material Flow Analysis and Its Applications”. This teaching today will address the procedure of material flow analysis, consisting of the selection of substance, system boundary definition, identification of flows & stock, material flow accounting, and visualization of results. By this learning, the students will master the material flow analysis to identify and result the relevant problems.

Time: March 14, 8:00am to 9:35am Beijing time (GMT+8)

Link for live stream (and replay):

ZENG Xianlai
Associate Researcher of the School of Environment, Tsinghua University


ZENG Xianlai is Vice Chairman of the Tsinghua University Committee of the China Democratic League, Deputy Director of Tsinghua University Think Tank Research Center, and Associate Researcher of the School of Environment, Tsinghua University. He mainly studies circular economy, waste recycling, and resource and environmental management. Since 2006, Zeng has been engaged in teaching, and has taught 10 courses with more than 1300 credit hours, gaining rich teaching experience. 

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