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Zhejiang University

China (Asia)

As a research and innovation-oriented comprehensive university with distinctive characteristics and great impact at home and abroad, Zhejiang University embraces 12 disciplines, 7 faculties, 37 colleges (departments), 1 Polytechnic Institute, ZJU-UIUC, ZJU-UoE and 7 affiliated hospitals. It currently has a total enrollment of 28,535 undergraduates and 33,587 graduate students, among whom, there are 4,747 international students for their degree studies.

The University has an online learning platform–Learning in Zhejiang University (http://course.zju.edu.cn/) with the initiative of promoting the deep integration of information technology, education and learning. At present, it has a great number of online courses, with 216 courses at Chinese Universities MOOC platform at https://www.icourse163.org/, 7 online courses at iCourse International. Moreover, over 190 MOOC courses are under construction and it is planned that more quality MOOC courses are to be set up annually in the 14th Five-Year Plan period so as to build an “Internet + Teaching” system with the characteristics of the University. 

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