It’s edX 10th birthday! Ten years ago, edX (co-founding member of the Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance) set out to give every learner, everywhere access to high-quality education. Today, millions of learners like you are unlocking their potential across thousands of courses. Thank you for being part of the edX movement — and here’s to another decade of unlocking potential together.

Take a look at how edX got here and what’s ahead for their learners:

When we started edX, we were a moonshot with powerful ideas. Ten years later, those aren’t just ideas anymore. Today they’re here, they’re proven, and they’re the future of education. It has taken more (a lot more) than ideas to get us to this place: It has taken a vast network of people to make our vision a reality. From our supporters to our educators; from our early adopters and those who took a leap of faith with us to our inspired, dedicated team at edX. Along with our institutional partners like MIT, BU, Berkeley and Harvard, we have built something powerful, singular, and world-changing, together. And together with 2U, our movement’s momentum and its potential impact is greater than ever.

Looking back, we see that certain core beliefs, proven out time and again, have become our guideposts to making change. Call them Mantras. North stars and shared values, backed by collective passion and proven results. They’ve become a movement we can all carry into the next decade.

Anant Agarwal (Board member of Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance, Chief Open Education Officer at 2U, Founder of edX, Professor at MIT)

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