GMA Staff Exchange Program (SEP)

In June of 2024, the Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance launched the GMA Staff Exchange Program, which sponsors in-person staff exchanges that last for around 1 to 2 weeks per round among the GMA member institutions. In alignment with the Alliance’s commitment to reinforcing capacity building and knowledge sharing, the program also serves as the bridge for deeper and broader bilateral and multilateral cooperation which builds up mutual understanding and reciprocal development between GMA member institutions.

2024 GMA Staff Exchange Program

The 2024 Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance Staff Exchange Program (SEP) aims to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among GMA member institutions through a 1-2 week in-person exchange (faculty, researcher, administrative staff, etc. at a GMA member institution). Designed to enhance communication and cooperation among GMA members, this program offers participating institutions the opportunity to host exchange staff from other member institutions and send their staff to immerse in other institutions, facilitating a deeper understanding of each other’s programs, operations, and management. An institution may choose to host staff, send staff, or do both. All exchanges shall be completed by December 31st, 2024.

Host Institution

The institution that receives and hosts the visiting staff during the exchange program.

Home Institution

The institution that sends its staff to the host institution for the exchange program.

Program Timeline

When to apply to be a host institution?

The call for host institutions period will end on July 4, 2024.

What are the requirements of the application?


  • Host Institution: Must be a member of the Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance.
  • One host institution shall host one exchange staff.
  • This program will select a maximum of 8 Host Institutions. The quota will be shared by all members. (*The spots for Host Institutions are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis, and the first 8 institutions who indicate their interest in becoming host institutions will be accepted into the program. Institutions that applied but did not get into the program this year because of space restraints will receive priority consideration in the future.)

What are the benefits of becoming a Host Institution?

  • Deepen Mutual Understanding: Hosting exchange staff provides host institutions with a firsthand understanding of the programs, operations, and management strategies of other member universities within the GMA members.
  • Foster Potential Collaboration: By establishing a Point of Contact through the exchange staff who will be immersed in the cultural and operational nuances of both sides, host institutions can more effectively implement joint programs or projects, fostering collaboration within the GMA member institutions.

What are the responsibilities of a Host Institution?

  • Extending a warm welcome to visiting staff members and facilitating their seamless integration into the host institution’s community.
  • Appointing a liaison to provide guidance and support throughout the exchange period and act as the contact person during the exchange.
  • Organizing a diverse range of meetings and activities related to online education and artificial intelligence. This may include: Shadowing administrative staff; Meetings with relevant faculty or university leadership; Facility & campus tours; Workshops; Seminars, and collaborative projects tailored to the interests and goals of the visiting staff member and the host institution.
  • Providing suitable workspaces equipped with necessary facilities to support the visiting staff member’s activities and projects.

How to apply to be a host institution?

Option One: Institutions interested in hosting exchange staff members may kindly fill out the application form and email it to Mr. Brian Li, Assistant Secretary-General at the Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance, at [email protected].

Option Two: Alternatively, you may fill out the information form below directly for an application.

When to apply to be an exchange staff?

Not open yet.

The application will open from July 5 to July 19. Before the application starts, the information of host institutions will be updated on this website page and emailed to GMA member institutions.

Who can be an exchange staff?

An Exchange Staff Must be a full-time employee (faculty, researcher, administrative staff, etc.) at a GMA member institution. This program will cover a maximum of 8 Exchange Staff.

What about the financial cost?

  • The Secretariat will provide USD 1,500 financial support to each selected participant.
  • The remaining costs will be covered by the exchange staff or their home institutions.

How to apply?

Please stay tuned for the updated information!

Host institutions select the staff they would like to host. Upon confirming their selection, host institutions should notify the GMA Secretariat of their decision by August 2.

Please stay tuned for the updated information!

The GMA Secretariat will officially announce the results of the pairings.

Please stay tuned for the updated information!

Each round of exchange is designed to be within 1-2 weeks (5-10 work days). The specific length can be decided by the host institution and the staff jointly. The exchange will take place during September – December 2024 and all exchanges shall be completed by December 31st, 2024.

Please stay tuned for the updated information!

Contact US

The GMA is dedicated to facilitating joint teaching, capacity building, knowledge sharing and public advocacy. Should you have any questions or particular interests regarding the 2024 GMA Staff Exchange Program, please reach out to Mr. Brian Li, Assistant Secretary-General at the Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance, at [email protected]. adipiscing elit. Aenean diam dolor, accumsan sed rutrum vel, dapibus et leo.