Global Hybrid Classroom (GHC)

A multilateral initiative that aims to showcase one or two of the best course offerings from the university by allowing students from partnering universities to audit the courses (without the pressure of academic credits). Thus, unleashing the power of global hybrid teaching and learning.

“Global Hybrid Classroom” initiative started in Spring 2021 as a pilot with 17 courses from China’s Tsinghua University (Global MOOC Alliance’s Secretariat) and 170 students from three other founding members of the Global MOOC Alliance: namely, Russia’s Saint Petersburg University, Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, and Italy’s Politecnico di Milano. The initiative aims to open up our classroom learning through a global hybrid model, where students are able to take classes from world-leading universities in exchange for academic credits (bilateral agreements).

Upon feedback and review, the Global MOOC Alliance is pleased to launch the second iteration of the “Global Hybrid Classroom” pilot (Fall 2021) with initial courses confirmation from Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Tsinghua University. Many ongoing discussions are happening and more course offerings are expected to be confirmed by July and August 2021. Stay tuned!

If your university (instructor or students) would like to join the initiative and experience what it is like to teach and learn in a truly global classroom (with or without academic credits), please contact the Assistant Secretary-General of the Global MOOC Alliance at [email protected].

Course offerings (Fall 2021):