GMA Awards

The GMA Awards is an annual accolade celebrating excellence in the practice of technology-enhanced education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. The Awards provides an international platform for global education practitioners to share the frontline practices of integrating cutting-edge technology in higher education.


Excerpts from the 2023 GMA Awards announcement

2024 GMA Awards

Pioneering Technology-Enhanced STEM Teaching and Learning

is now open for application!

The GMA Awards collects outstanding cases of STEM teaching and learning on a global scale and invites education experts and learners from UNESCO and other prestigious education institutions to form the evaluation committee. Through the evaluation and presentation process, the Awards builds a shared community to facilitate the digital transformation of higher education and accelerate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4), “quality education”, established by the United Nations.

The 2024 GMA Awards continues with its strong commitment to exploring the frontier of digital transformation of higher education, thereby titled “Pioneering Technology-Enhanced STEM Teaching and Learning”. This emphasis on these particular disciplines aligns with UNESCO’s advocacy for STEM education’s potential in addressing global challenges and contributing to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Notably, this year’s event encourages practices of applying emerging technology such as Generative Artificial Intelligence in teaching and learning. Endorsing UNESCO’s viewpoint on AI’s transformative impact on education towards achieving SDG 4, the Awards also echoes the global educational trend of incorporating AI into teaching and learning. This is witnessed by the surge in the number of AI-related courses and the expansion of various forms of explorations on AI-empowered education by universities and online learning platforms worldwide.

Target applicants

Applicants shall be affiliated with the educational institutions which are members of GMA or Asian Universities Alliance (AUA).

WHY GMA Awards?

Brief Timeline

Submit the application form(s) and any supplementary materials via email to [email protected]. Click the button below to download the application form.

How to apply:

1. Read the introduction below carefully.

2. Fill out the application form for each course.

3. Send the application form via email and ensure the subject line of your email is “2024 GMA Awards Application” for proper identification.

4. A reply email of confirmation will be sent to the applicant’s email.

  • Submit application materials to nominate a course

A “course” includes any teaching unit, which typically has a clear syllabus, teaching design, structured teaching content, and a well-organized teaching process. For example, the scope of the submission includes but is not limited to, a MOOC on online education platforms, a course/module open to students in universities, a themed and well-designed workshop, a themed series of webinars, a certificate program, and other educational activities with comparable function and format.

Mandatory Application Materials

Each submission of a course must be accompanied by a completed application form. For example, if you are applying for several courses, please fill out the corresponding number of application forms.

Optional Application Materials

Applicants may provide additional materials to highlight key aspects of their course(s). This includes, but is not restricted to, multimedia presentations, research papers, testimonials, and innovative teaching materials. It’s important that these supplementary materials are easily accessible to evaluators. If the materials require specific software or viewing conditions, detailed instructions must be provided.

  • Demonstrate innovative practices in the submitted course

The scope of innovative practices includes but is not limited to, digital learning design (e.g., digital educational games), online instructional resources (e.g., MOOCs, live tutorials), immersive technologies (AR/VR), and advanced AI applications (e.g., generative AI, large language models, AI tutors, machine learning and deep learning algorithms, computer vision). The Awards seek to honour and promote exemplary practices in these areas, driving forward the integration of technology in STEM education.

An esteemed panel of evaluators from UNESCO, world-leading universities, online education platforms, and various educational organizations, along with learners from these institutions, will conduct a review of all submissions based on the same criteria. This diverse committee ensures a comprehensive evaluation from multiple perspectives. Results will be officially announced on the GMA website and individually contacted by email, culminating in an official GMA Awards ceremony at the 2024 Global MOOC and Online Education Conference which is expected to take place in mid-December 2024.

Award-winning teams will be invited to present their course(s) at GMA-organized events, facilitating international dialogue with experts in digital innovation and technology-enhanced higher education. This provides an exceptional opportunity for educators to showcase their innovative approaches and engage with the global audience.

Note: Detailed schedules and notifications will be sent to applicants via email prior to each event.

Memorable Moments

Expected Outcomes

  • For winners:

The 2024 Awards will honour around 20 courses as winners of the 2024 GMA Awards, receiving a digital badge for promotional use and a certificate of recognition, along with an honorarium of 1000 dollars. These accolades not only celebrate their achievements but also provide a platform for further exposure and professional development. Winning teams will also be invited to speak at the 2024 Global MOOC and Online Education Conference, offering a prestigious forum to share their innovative courses with a worldwide audience of education professionals.

  • For Participants:

All participants have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the 2024 Online Education Dialogue (OED), where they can present their courses and engage in exchange with international peers. This event, broadcast on the online education platform XuetangX, allows for the wider dissemination of their work and ideas.

Any questions regarding the 2024 GMA Awards?

Please reach out to Zhongxuan Zhang ([email protected]), the international cooperation manager at the Secretariat of the Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance. Your inquiries are welcome, and our team is ready to assist you with your application or provide further details about the GMA Awards and associated events.

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