On December 26, 2020, Peking University launched an online education platform — “PKU Academy” (iPKU.com) that opens to the public to improve the equality of education in China. The courses vary from fundamental science to arts.

The launch is a new response to the normalization of epidemic situation, a new exploration to the new normal of online education, and a new layout to serve the whole people’s lifelong learning. It is an important milestone for Peking University to promote the high-quality development of continuing education, which reflects Peking University’s responsibility to fulfill its social responsibilities, and is a concrete manifestation and practical action to serve the whole people’s lifelong learning, improve the education level of the whole people and promote the realization of education modernization.

About “PKU Academy” Online Education Platform

Offcn Education-PKU Academy (hereinafter referred to as “PKU Academy”) is an online education platform jointly built by Peking University and Offcn Education. The curriculum fully serves the diversified learning needs of the society, comprehensively strengthens the multi-level educational function of the University, comprehensively inherits the fine tradition of Peking University in the past 120 years, and sets up a series of courses such as open online courses, quality courses, training bootcamps, certificate courses, classic courses and interest courses, so as to build “Peking University online”.

Source: https://news.pku.edu.cn/xwzh/b15f2ef9f027445c90619f8e162ddb9e.htm; http://www.ipku.com/

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