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Recommended by: Saint Petersburg University

Mode of Teaching: MOOCs

“A comprehensive MOOC providing a deep dive into neurolinguistics, featuring an immersive learning experience with detailed explanations and visual aids, reaching a diverse audience.”

Information of the Course Teaching Team:

  • Tatyana Chernigovskaya, Professor, Director of the Institute for Cognitive Research, St Petersburg University
  • Svetlana Alexeeva, Senior Researcher, Institute for Cognitive Research, St Petersburg University
  • Natalia Slioussar, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Kirill Nourski, MD, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Iowa
  • Maxim Kireev, Professor, Institute for Cognitive Research, St Petersburg University
  • Kira Gor, Professor, University of Maryland
  • Ekaterina Protasova, Senior Lecturer, University of Helsinki
  • Turid Magnhild Helland, Emerita, University of Bergen
  • Kenneth Jan Hugdahl, Emeritus, University of Bergen
  • Tatyana Petrova, Associate Professor, St Petersburg University
  • Veronica Prokopenya, Senior Researcher, Institute for Cognitive Research, St Petersburg University

Course Introduction: This course offers a comprehensive exploration of neurolinguistics, delving into the neural mechanisms governing language comprehension, production, and acquisition. It covers diverse topics such as the anatomy and physiology of language processing, language development in both children and adults and language disorders resulting from brain damage. The course also explores the interplay between language and cognitive processes like memory and attention. Students will gain insights into how language is processed in the brain, and the practical applications of this knowledge for enhancing language learning and clinical interventions for language disorders. Emphasizing modern issues in neurolinguistics, the course raises awareness of language disorders, and potential treatment methods, and underscores the importance of ongoing research into human cognitive functions and language abilities. Rich in detailed explanations and visual materials, including animations, the course offers an immersive learning experience.

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