Although the recent outbreak of Covid-19 cases in Beijing has rendered many Tsinghua faculty members to switch to online teaching from home, Tsinghua University has not let this change hamper Tsinghua students’ learning and research.

In fact, it has taken necessary measures to ensure learning continues unimpeded on campus.

“Pocket lab” enables students to carry out experiments anytime and anywhere on campus, even in their dorm rooms.

Recently, to help its nearly 300 students continue with their experimental workshop effectively for the course “Foundation of Electronics,” Tsinghua’s Department of Automation distributed toolkits to the students and developed an online platform so that faculty members could monitor the students’ experiments and give them necessary guidance instantly.

The toolkit is equipped with pocket instruments, smart breadboards, wires, wire strippers, chips, resistors, capacitors, and other components.

“This pocket lab is very convenient to use. It only needs to be connected to the computer and the board. There is no problem in completing the experimental class this semester with high quality and quantity, ” said Leng Tingxuan, a student.

As the students sit to conduct their experiments with their “pocket lab,” the online platform automatically captures their experimental window data while the teacher’s terminal captures the observation waveform in real-time, allowing efficient parallel Q&A between the teacher and the students, automatic batch acceptance, and students’ independent problem troubleshooting.

Thanks to hybrid learning, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, teaching and learning continue unimpeded at Tsinghua, and the enthusiasm of the students to do experiments has only grown stronger.

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