Tsinghua University was established in 1911, originally under the name “Tsinghua Xuetang”. The school was renamed “Tsinghua School” in 1912. The university section was founded in 1925. The name “National Tsinghua University” was adopted in 1928. At present, the university has 20 schools and 59 departments with faculties in science, engineering, humanities, law, medicine, history, philosophy, economics, management, education and art.

With the motto of “Self-Discipline and Social Commitment” and the spirit of “Actions Speak Louder than Words”, Tsinghua University is dedicated to the well-being of Chinese society and to world development. As one of China’s most prestigious and influential universities, Tsinghua is committed to cultivating global citizens who will thrive in today’s world and become tomorrow’s leaders. Through the pursuit of education and research at the highest level of excellence, Tsinghua is developing innovative solutions that will help solve pressing problems in China and the world.

Representatives on Board & Executive Committee

Li Luming

Chair of Board, Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance
President, Tsinghua University

Professor Li Luming was appointed President of Tsinghua University on December 22, 2023. He is a professor of Tsinghua University and a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professor Li was admitted to Tsinghua University in 1986 and received his Bachelor’s degree in 1991 and Ph.D. degree in 1996. He has a long and outstanding record as a teacher, researcher, and senior administrator at Tsinghua University since 1996. He was Vice President of Tsinghua University from September 2022 to December 2023.

Professor Li’s research interests focus on human-machine and environmental engineering, brain pacemaker, and neuromodulation. He has published over 100 academic papers, completed more than 20 scientific research projects, and won several national prizes and awards.

Peng Gang

Chair of Executive Committee, Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance
Vice President and Provost, Tsinghua University

Professor Peng Gang is currently Vice President and Provost of Tsinghua University, overseeing undergraduate education, development of the disciplines of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and Think Tank management.

He serves as a Professor of History in the School of Humanities, specializing in Western Historiography, Intellectual History and Higher Education Administration. He is the author of The Narrative Turn, A Survey of Contemporary Western Historical Theories and the translation of Natural Rights and History. He has received numerous awards and titles, including Beijing Famous Teacher Award of Colleges and Universities.

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