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University of Nairobi

Kenya (Africa)

The University of Nairobi is a public institution and one of the leading Universities in Sub Saharan Africa. It has  strong capacity for teaching and research. It also has a well-established online and blended mode of learning structure through its Open, Distance, and eLearning Campus whose role is to transform teaching and learning and consequently improve the quality of graduates. As the University of Nairobi evolved since its inception in 1956, it developed and sustained a strong component of distance learning. Currently, the University has 25 full programs and over 700 courses offered by open, distance and electronic learning (ODeL) mode of delivery. The mandate of the ODeL function is to sensitize and create awareness in all academic units of the University, build capacity in courseware development and production, facilitate program delivery and learner support and carry out research and evaluation of ODeL programs and services. As a result of implementing this initiative, teaching staff have been trained to write digital learning content and record their lessons which have been converted and uploaded onto the University Learning Management System which is Moodle-based.

In the face of the Covi19 pandemic and subsequent closure of learning institutions, the University tapped into its investment in ICT and ODeL to quickly adjust and transition to online learning. The adoption of web conferencing technologies such as Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangouts and Google Classroom, Webex and the Big Blue Button have been adopted.Over 65,000 students and 6,000 members of teaching and non-teaching staff have been trained, and are effectively utilizing these platforms. The successful transition is owed to strong and focused leadership, teamwork and existence of operational structures such as the ODeL Campus and the ICT Centre. This transition has been possible because of its strong complement and synergy of its human resources in distance learning and ICT. 

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