In 2021, GMA Secretariat developed and launched Global Development Initiative open courses for the 2022 autumn semester. The courses presented the latest developments in some fields regarding heat-debated global issues, including economy, culture, science and technology. The courses also contributed to the broader sharing of high-quality educational resources worldwide. The frontiers in research and relevant practices were introduced, focusing on the digital economy, poverty reduction, COVID medication and vaccine, development financing, climate change and green development, interconnection, and other fields.

  • Online and offline hybrid learning modality
  • Delivered by academicians and professors
  • Over 1.72 million students participated in
  • 9 lectures open to global learners

Highlights from the module lead

Professor YANG Bin, Vice President of Tsinghua University

“In the middle of this century, you probably realize how important a role taking such a course played in your life. It introduces you to grand missions, makes you understand global development, and gets you to know what to contribute as a youth. Taking the “Global Development Initiatives” courses will open the door for you to make your own contribution to the common challenges of mankind. Let’s learn about development, about global development, and make choices of the young generation.”

Watch the playback of lectures

Feedback from students

  • Erick Bazompora from Tanzania: I like this course very much. I feel that I was with everybody and shared my thoughts in class.
  • Dressy Rahmayanti Halim from Indonesia: I was able to broaden my horizons through the course and I am looking forward to more courses in the future.
  • Tauseef Ahmad from Pakistan: I developed deep thoughts about the human community with a shared future. There are no national boundaries for cultivating youth leadership.

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Global Learning Community

The Global Development Initiative team organized 6 activities in the global online learners community between 8 Oct. and 9 Oct. in 2022. Learners within the community were invited to freely talk about “development” and “digital economy”. The community helps create a more international learning environment and more interactive study experiences. This vibe encourages students to preview and review the knowledge before and after the course and enhances study efficiency.

Currently, over 380 students from 36 countries have participated in, shared thoughts and innovation of youth, building a dimensional, friendly and inclusive global youth learners community. We sincerely welcome students from your institutes to join the community via our social media and get connected with global learners.

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