The Global Massive Open Online Challenge (GMOOC), launched in 2021 by the Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance (GMA), is a non-profit international competition requiring large-scale creativity, openness, and cooperation. Students will learn about a domain through MOOCs and work synchronously in teams across countries to create solutions to real-world challenges in this domain. This process is what we call “challenge-based learning,” which helps encourage students to step out of textbooks, face real problems, and try to solve real problems through teamwork and creative thinking. Through challenge-based learning, our wish is to build an open community that connects learners from all over the world, provide resources and communication platforms for learners using open-source technology, and work together to solve global challenges.

GMOOC 2023, to be held in April, is themed on positive psychology, as the importance of students’ mental health is seen urgently in the post-epidemic era. With the rise of the Internet and the rapid development of information technology, online mental health education may play an increasingly important role in the future.

Through GMOOC, we will offer high-quality and intensively communicative online learning resources from Tsinghua University and a strong team of mentors from the University of Pennsylvania for students to gain knowledge of positive psychology, communicate with their peers from all over the world, and incubate their own innovative solutions to bravely take a small step towards changing the world.

We look forward to pioneers from your institute who are:
– Enthusiastic about positive psychology
– Brave enough to change him/herself
– Active to exchange ideas with mentors and peers
– Ready to incubate your innovative ideas to change the world

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