To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Chile, and to explore the innovative cooperation of online education between these two countries, universities in China and Chile had fully discussed and cooperated to launch China-Chile Online Education Week & Dialogue. The event was co-sponsored by the University of Chile, Catholic University of Chile, University of Concepción, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and hosted by the Office of Lifelong Education Administration, Tsinghua University. Students from the above seven universities participated in real-time interactive teaching through Zoom, and the course was broadcast simultaneously through the online platform of XuetangX, about 1000 people watched the live streaming.

From November 24 to 27, professors from four universities in China brought four wonderful courses in different styles for Online Education Week, namely, “Building an ecosystem and training artificial intelligence” by Professor WU Fei of Zhejiang University, “Introduction to psychology” by Associate Professor QIAN Jing of Tsinghua University, “Data-driven biomedical discovery” by Professor LU Hui of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and “How to use artificial intelligence to improve the quality of video stream experience on the edge of the network” by Associate Professor BIAN Kaigui of Peking University.

From November 30 to December 2, the three courses offered by five teachers at the University of Chile for Online Education Week were successfully completed. Professor Lionel Brossi and Ana Castillo discussed “The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Social Science”; Professor Andrés Dockendorff and Miguel Ángel López talked about “Politics of Latin American”; Professor Laura Gallardo delivered a lecture around the theme of “Climate Change”.

From December 14 to 18, the Online Education Dialogue on the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Chile was held successfully, which is also the first event jointly organized by Chinese and foreign alliance members after the formal establishment of the Global MOOC Alliance. On December 16, the theme of the activity is “China-Chile Online Education Dialogue: Envisioning a Shared Future for Higher Education”. Eduardo Vera, Director of International Relations of the University of Chile, and CHEN Taotao, Director of Latin America Center of Tsinghua University delivered the welcome speeches successively. The webinar revolved around the topic of the past, present, and future of online education.

As education administrators, Carlos Rilling from University of Chile, LIN Zhi from Zhejiang University, Carola Bruna from University of Concepción and CHEN Feng from Shanghai Jiao Tong University all gave wonderful speeches.

From the perspective of university teachers, Cecilia Saint-Pierre from University of Chile, Magdalena Claro from Catholic University of Chile, BIAN Kaigui from Peking University and QIAN Jing from Tsinghua University reached a consensus on some issues.

In addition, four students from University of Chile and Tsinghua University shared learning experience in the activity.

At the closing ceremony, WANG Xiaoxiao, Secretary-General of the Global MOOC Alliance, Associate Dean of Office of Lifelong Education Administration at Tsinghua University, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office at Tsinghua University, and Rosa Devés, Vice President of Academic Affairs of University of Chile delivered the closing remarks separately.

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